I’ve written a ton of documentation over the last twenty years and developed some cool e-learning courses.

And most of it is proprietary.

I’ve respected my clients’ wishes and kept them off my public web site. However, if you contact me personally I can show you samples that my clients have okay-ed for private display.

Here are some open samples that I can display publicly:


API Documentation – Boardgames

I’ve worked with developers and product managers to document REST APIs. REST APIs consist of requests to and responses from a web server, essentially enabling two systems to talk to each other. I created a “boardgames” API to demonstrate what I typically include in my API documentation.

By the way, see Tom Johnson’s excellent Documenting APIs course for a high-level primer.

Style Guide – Writing for the Web

Written for a team of technical writers to ensure the team’s web content had a consistent style, look, and feel. Tools: MS Word.

Magazine Article – Telecommuting: Eight Tips for Success

Tips and tricks for the successful telecommuter in Intercom magazine, published by the Society for Technical Communication. Tools: MS Word.

Magazine Article – The What, Why, How, and Where of DITA

An introduction to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), an XML-based architecture designed to organize and present technical content. Published in Intercom by the Society for Technical Communication. Tools: MS Word, PaintShop Pro.

Web Articles – DemandMedia

Some technical articles I wrote that were bought by Demand Media. Tools: MS Word, Paint.net.

Web Article – HTML5 Overview

What’s the best way to learn something new? Try to teach it to someone else. That’s the strategy I took while writing this article, which I eventually sold to a technical blog. Tools: MS Word, Paint.net.

Blog Posts – robsteiner.net

Some of my favorite blog posts from my own web site. Opinionated but entertaining. Tools: WordPress.

Book Reviews – New Podler Review of Books

I wrote book reviews for David Drazul on the New Podler Review site for several years. Just like technical documentation, book reviews also have a structure that makes them credible and entertaining. See if you can spot it in these samples.

Fiction – Amazon Author Profile

I’ve written and published nine novels (and counting), so I know how to use “story” to write informative yet entertaining materials where appropriate.


Responsive E-learning – The Novels of Rob Steiner

Responsive e-learning ensures that a single version of a course provides a viewing experience optimized for all devices, from desktop to tablet to smart phones. Adapt is a free, open-source e-learning development tool that excels at this. If you’re viewing this sample on a desktop, adjust your browser size to see what I mean. And forgive my shameless self-promotion.

Video Production

Book Trailer – Muses of Roma

I produced this small book trailer video to promote my novel, MUSES OF ROMA, from selecting the images and music to the video editing. Tools: PhotoShop, iMovie.